eXtreme Meetings Reduction

Attending meetings lowers IQ:

Scrum or Agile meetingDisadvantages Substitute
Sprint Planning
(4 hours / sprint) 
The sprint goals are set for the company, not for the workers. Just don't do it.
Tasking meeting
(4 hours / sprint) 
What is the relevance of Upfront Tasking?Tasking while developing.
Just In Time.
Estimation meeting
(1 or 2 hours / sprint) 
Never saw a real use for these estimations.Just don't do it.
Stand-up meetings  (2 to 4 hours / sprint)  Reporting meeting.
Problem focused, not solution focused.
Status Board full time available on display or wall.
Impediments raised immediately when happened. Not at the next stand-up meeting.
Sprint Demo
 (4 hours / sprint) 
Demos are manipulated by developers. Don't show real use of the softwareUsability test.
(1 to 2 hours)
Every other day
or every other three days.
With the small improvements just developed.
With real users
at their production environment.
 (3 hours / sprint) 
Needs to be followed by real actions items.
Workers need to have the authority to improve the process.
Small Improvements meeting.
(1 to 2 hours)
One unique meeting to define
the next small improvements.
Every other day
or every other three days.
Whole team participation
 including Product Owner and end users.
Each person exposes what improvement  is planning to do next
and the team agree or not with that improvement.

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